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Silver Linings Amid COVID-19 | President’s Post by Laura Stigler

30 Mar 2020 3:32 PM | Anonymous

You see them everywhere. A sign posted in the window of a bungalow, greeting passers-by with a “Hello, neighbor!” Five bright-eyed 20-something friends, guys and girls, standing on the sidewalk, safely spaced 6’ apart, having a fun conversation with another friend who is leaning out her apartment window 3 stories above. I couldn’t help myself. Through my mask I called out, “Now that’s what I call social distancing!” “That’s what we’re doing!” they gleefully responded. I love young people. And this just in: Animal adoptions are way up. That’s not just a silver lining. That’s platinum.

(Please read on. There’s something in this for you.)

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of what we or loved ones or even strangers may be going through. The coronavirus seems to be everywhere – not just the virus itself, but the news of it. It’s inescapable. What would have been our everyday getaways are now obsessed with it as well. Sports reporters are writing about empty stadiums. Theater critics are bemoaning how there’s nothing to critique. Travel articles? They go nowhere.

It’s even encroaching on my sub-conscious. Last night, I had one of those feverish dreams where I was trying to sign into a Zoom webinar and kept getting the wrong password. Would I ever have dreamed that were it not for the virus?

But herein lies another silver lining:

In my waking life, I’m learning something that I might never have bothered with BC (Before Corona). I’m taking a free webinar: Zoom Meetings 101. Beyond helping me build my own brand by enabling me to offer this service to clients, this newfound capability will help add another arrow to IWOC’s quiver. Perhaps we can have more programs this way, inviting speakers from afar. If you find virtual meetings may be beneficial to your business, learn how to conduct them in the free webinars Zoom is offering.

More welcomed news: Yes, we had to postpone what promised to be a very unique in-person program on April 14. However, on April 7 at 6:30pm, IWOC and the Chicago Creative Coalition will be co-hosting a free Zoom Webinar, moderated by C3’s President Katherine Kearns, in which the world-renowned LinkedIn expert, JD Gershbein will be speaking about “Building and Preserving Your Brand during COVID-19 Times.” Mr. Gershbein was to be our speaker on the 14th, but has graciously restructured his talk to be relevant to present circumstances. JD is funny, knowledgeable and compassionate. Until they find a cure, this promises to be the shot in the arm we all need right now.

IWOC members will be emailed a link to register for the April 7 Webinar. Space is limited, so I encourage you to sign up quickly. On midnight of Friday, April 3, we will be opening up the invitation to all our non-member friends of IWOC.

Until then and long afterwards, I wish you safety and good health. Let’s look forward to sunnier days sure to come, when no search for silver linings will be needed.

- Laura Stigler


  • 02 Apr 2020 10:27 AM | Alicia Dale
    This is a very uplifting article Laura. Glad the webinar will be open to 'friends of IWOC' Zoom has added a whole new dimension to the way live, work and connect. I'm hoping after this is all over we will all continue to enjoy more quality of life.
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    • 04 Apr 2020 10:14 PM | Laura Stigler (Administrator)
      Thank you so much, Alicia. I'm hearing of so many people discovering new skills -- even if it is out of necessity. These are things that will only enhance that "quality of life" you mentioned, once daylight breaks.
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