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Member Testimonials

IWOC members represent a wide array of communication skill sets and areas of expertise, but they all share one thing in common—the desire to succeed in the business of freelance writing. And although their stories and experiences vary, many are pleased to share with others the ways in which IWOC has contributed to their business successes.

We present here just a few of those many testimonials. If you'd like to hear more, just stop in at any IWOC event and chat up a member. Or get in touch with our membership coordinator, who'll be more than happy to bend your ear with stories of IWOC success. (For an ever-growing list of member benefits, just click!)

Many years ago, I connected with Crain's and wrote for them for about three or four years. I received the contact through an IWOC email. I received other freelance contacts, just by attending meetings and listening to members share their news as well as via IWOC programming. At the time, I was a young mother, so being able to connect with IWOC, a network that consistently bore  fruit for a person with limited time, was a blessing. Seriously. Thank you so very much. IWOC has been a tremendous resource for me, and I appreciate your support.

Tina Jenkins Bell

"During my eight years as a member, I’ve benefited in myriad ways by my IWOC affiliation. In particular, my knowledge about emerging topics in the communications field has blossomed in ways that simply wouldn’t have been possible without membership and active participation in a professional group like this one. Best of all, I know that if I am stuck on a problem, in need of expertise from another freelancer, or just eager to share experiences with others on the same path, I can ALWAYS call upon an IWOC colleague for support."

Betsy Storm

"Many years ago, when I joined IWOC, I paid for an extensive listing in the directory. A few months later I had a new client—a medical communications company—and a new assignment for about $6,000. I figured that the fee would pay for lifetime IWOC membership, and it turned out that many additional assignments came from that same client."

Barbara Goodheart

"Marketing skills are essential for all writers today, and especially independent writers. Thank you, IWOC, for the informative and very useful lectures on how to use the Internet and social media to market my books! In a very short time, IWOC has become an integral component of my marketing strategy, as I've discovered that their lectures keep me up to date on the latest marketing tools and in touch with the people who are making things happen."

Kathryn Occhipinti

"IWOC is responsible—both directly (via my directory listing) and indirectly (via contacts I've made by getting involved)—for a substantial percentage of my income as a freelance writer. I am not exaggerating when I state that over the last ten years, I have profited enough via IWOC to pay my membership dues for the next 600 years."

Roger Rueff

"Love the people, love the programs. IWOC membership says you're serious about your profession as a freelance writer."

Catherine Rategan

"I practically owe my entire freelance career to IWOC, of which I’ve been a member for 20+ years. The majority of my clients have found me either directly through IWOC or by referrals from those clients who've hired me via IWOC. The return of investment has been phenomenal: over the years, my annual membership fees have been paid for literally thousands of times over. Whether it’s for work, networking, resources or business-boosting information, IWOC absolutely works for me and, IMHO, is a must for any independent writer. "

Laura Stigler

"I have had terrific experiences since joining IWOC. I've met talented people from whom I learned a great deal; have been lucky enough to receive good referrals; made connections that I treasure; had the ability to engage in great discussions about work ethics, politics and much more; and found that IWOC was helpful in finding work as a free-lancer."

Esther L. Manewith

"IWOC has been a focus of my professional life for many years. Besides providing assignments from time to time via the directory and job listings, the organization has kept me informed and up to date with technology, marketing, and industry-related programs. And it’s not all about work; several of my closest friends are fellow members whom I’ve known for years."

James Kepler

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