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How IWOC Can Increase Your Cred, President’s Post by Laura Stigler

04 Aug 2019 11:24 AM | Anonymous

Cred. As in “credentials.” For the longest time after I joined IWOC, I sat back and let the organization roll on and work for me without contributing much in return – other than my yearly membership dues. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) I was quite content in that role, fortunate to get enough work via my Directory Profile that enabled me to make a career out of freelance writing. But after several years, the gnawing sensation that I really needed to give back started to creep in. So, I took the plunge, joined the PR Committee, and from 2004 to 2016 wrote IWOC’s press releases for the monthly programs. Along the way, a funny thing happened to me: Not only was I able to polish the skills it takes to write a press release, but I gained the confidence to add “Press Releases” to my résumé – garnering work in that area that I never would have gotten otherwise. I increased my cred.

IWOC can do that. Bring out skills, talents, sides of you that you may not have realized were there, adding value as a writer – or just as a person! All of which can help attract more clients. So, if you’d like to discover what’s in you that may be lying dormant – or just benefit IWOC (and yourself) by expanding the avenues where you can put to use the abilities you excel at, my advice? Join an IWOC Committee! Examples:

  • Membership Com: After being an IWOC member for only a few months, Alicia Dale was already smitten with the organization. Alicia is a genuine people person. Perfect for Membership. She embraced the Chair role and knew she found her niche. Not only has she helped increase IWOC’s membership by 10%+ in one year, but by reaching out to members both new and seasoned, she was able to give and get advice that has symbiotically helped advance careers – her own and others’. Sound like a niche for you? Get in touch with Alicia.
  • Program Com: Chair Jeff Steele is IWOC’s resident showman. If you’ve ever been greeted by him, you know of what I speak. Enter a room and he makes you feel like you’re a star appearing on “Late Night.” He loves “putting on a show” based on great ideas, whether they’re his own or coming from his Pro Com colleagues. If you’ve got ideas for fun, informative, practical programs, get with the Program! Talk to Jeff.
  • StetBlog: Cynthia Tomusiak is IWOC’s Editor of the Stet newsletter cum blog. And she does so from her digs in Nevada! Cynthia is always looking for contributors that will help make the StetBlog more interactive, interesting, informative – or just a good read. If there’s ever a way that can increase your SEO ranking, it’s a blog. IWOC gives you the opportunity to do just that. If you’ve got ideas for topics about the world of writing, or the business of writing – anything you feel would be of interest to writers, contact Cynthia to get on the StetBlog staff! Added bonus: You get to exhibit your own writing chops to IWOC’s nearly 800 contacts plus Social Media followers -- not to mention have your posts be visible to prospective clients. And speaking of Social Media...
  • Social Media Com: Tephra Miriam is our Social Media Master, brilliantly posting all things fascinating about IWOC, writing, writers’ groups, writers events, etc. – and news about IWOC members! If you want to get on board this train, contact Tephra. Not only will you learn from a real expert about the how-tos of SM (i.e., if you don't already know them), but you can become proficient enough to add that in-demand field of expertise to your listings on IWOC’s Online Directory.
  • Public Relations Com: Got a background in PR? Or would like to start building one? Contact PR Chair Katherine Mikkelson, who’s been serving on the committee since 2004 first as distributing the releases, then taking over the writing of them in 2016. Now residing in Dallas, TX, she wouldn’t mind handing over the reins to other capable hands. For you, PR could mean writing the monthly press releases, but it can go way beyond that. This is a wide-open committee that you could shape according to your abilities – or wishes.
  • Web Com: Does tech scare you? It did me. Just a little. But when Webmaster Roger Rueff explained how IWOC’s web server works so even I can understand, it really proved itself to be a most intuitive system. So now I’m posting events. Uploading our podcasts. Editing. Mass e-blasting. You name it. Me! A techie! How about you? Imagine the high you can get mastering an area usually anathema to us writerly types. It may even help you to gain confidence in creating your own website, if you’ve yet to build one. Contact Roger or me if you’d like to try your hand at this winnable game.

So seriously. Do consider participating in any one (or more) of the above Committees. Or devise one of your own. (Event Planner, anyone?) When you do, don’t be surprised if the same funny things that happened to me (fattening the résumé, boosting confidence, a rise in SEO rankings) – can happen to you!

- Laura Stigler

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  • 04 Aug 2019 12:45 PM | Alicia Dale
    Thanks for the shout out, Laura! I have to agree, participating in IWOC activities does help to develop skill. Talking to other Writers about what they are working on is inspiring. Connecting people and ideas does come naturally to me. I'm happy to help any member with an idea about how they can develop a skill with a small, manageable task or make a connection that may help them to reach their goals.
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