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Marketing Ideas for Writers, by Tephra Miriam

06 Jul 2018 9:35 AM | Anonymous

As an author, It's not easy to find different ways of marketing your book. When my YA (Young Adult) fantasy thriller Escape to Clown Town hit the market, I was contacted by Larry Froncek with Voracious Readers Only. There is a much heated debate in the literary world around utilizing services such as this, and doing free giveaways. I purposely limit the amount of free hard copy books that I giveaway. One thing that attracted me to Voracious Readers Only is that you are giving away ebooks so you don't have to eat the cost of getting your book printed. Out of the 20 or so giveaways that I did, one person wrote an Amazon review on Completely worth it in my opinion!

Larry Froncek sent around a rather insightful marketing idea that I thought I would share.


Here’s a quick marketing idea you can use right away that costs virtually nothing, has a lot of potential upside, and has almost no downside…

As a writer, I’m willing to bet you tend to frequent bookstores. I’d even wager that you visit bookstores when you’re on the road visiting friends or family (or for work).

The next time you’re in a bookstore, find at least one thing about the experience that you enjoyed and remember it, write it down, or email it to yourself on your phone. Things like:

  • A particular member of the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, or helpful.
  • You walked in just to look around and walked out with ten books you didn’t know you needed.
  • The store was well organized.
  • They had an obscure book you haven’t been able to find anywhere else.
  • Their amazing in-store events.
  • The staff recommendations section.
  • Their collection of rare/collectable books.

Once you’re home, write a letter to the store owner or manager. Print it out on your letterhead or at least include contact info like your name, website, social media usernames, and that you’re an author.

Put the letter into a 10x13 or 9x12 envelope (large enough so you don't fold the letter) and hand address the envelope (including your return address). Use real postage stamps too! (And of course, mail it!)

Potential outcomes…

  • You help an employee keep their job or get a promotion.
  • You help build someone’s self-esteem.
  • If they already carry your book, you might get the attention of the store manager or shop owner.
  • You could end up in the employee recommendation section.
  • They might consider stocking your book (if they don’t already).
  • Your letter gets framed and placed on the wall or counter of the store.
  • They post a picture of your letter on one of their social media accounts and tag you.

Best of all, it’s a very low-cost strategy and you can do it right away.

Let me know how it goes for you.


Larry Froncek

- Tephra Miriam

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  • 08 Jul 2018 8:18 AM | Alicia Dale
    There are so many things I love about this strategy. It doesn't leverage either party - sure you gave a book away for *free* but how much could you have spent in marketing dollars to get the promotion you gained?? Also the fact that it's an e-book is very ethical - no printing costs for the author and greener for the environment. Nice! Lastly Larry's marketing tip is an old school strategy - with a fresh perspective. We're writers, we know the power of the written word and even better yet, the the subtle influence of thoughtful presentation of a solid message. What a beautiful way to showcase it.
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