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IWOC Told Ya So: Audiobooks sell! -- by Sarah Klose

17 Jun 2018 1:11 PM | Laura Stigler (Administrator)

The Audiobook format is taking off like gangbusters -- as IWOC has been well aware! Precisely why the talented Chicago actor and voiceover artist Kevin Theis was invited to present this hot topic at IWOC’s May meeting. (For the podcast, IWOC members can click on the Member Resource page under the “For Members” tab on IWOC’s website.)

Shortly after that program, the New York Times spotlighted this exploding area of publishing. Here are some excerpts from the NYT article:

  • [There’s] “a growing group of A-list authors bypassing print and releasing audiobook originals, hoping to take advantage of the exploding audiobook market.”
  •  “Cellphones now function as audiobook players. People who felt they had little time to read are now listening while they commute, exercise or do chores. Consumers bought nearly 90 million audiobooks in 2016, up from 42 million in 2012, driving audiobook sales up to $2.1 billion, according to the Audio Publishers Association.”
  •  “With publishers holding on to more of their audiobook rights,” Audiobook studios have “started approaching agents and authors directly to buy audio rights before book proposals even get submitted to publishers.” 

So attention all authors: You may want to seriously consider getting on the audiobook bandwagon — just another way to create a revenue stream that could have you reaping more book sales! 

Read the New York Times article at  If the link doesn’t work, Google “Want to Read Michael Lewis's Next Work? You'll Be Able to Listen to It ...


  • 15 Jul 2018 11:56 AM | Alicia Dale
    Great insights Sarah. I Just read a tagline from Audible that said 'listening is the new reading'. I think that's true for many time-crunched people with long commutes out there. Loved Michael Lewis' insights about creating a 10,000 word audio before committing to writing a book in the NYT article. I can see why IWOC's Audio Book and Podcast sessions were so well and enthusiastically attended.
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