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We’re in this together, aren’t we?, by Richard Eastline

15 May 2018 8:33 AM | Anonymous

Membership in IWOC offers each of us many benefits. We learn about and get helpful pointers regarding many writing genres as well as subjects such as publishing, copyrights, and promoting our services. All of this takes place in what appears to be a smooth flowing sequence of planning and producing. Yet, there’s a lot of effort, a considerable amount of personal involvement by a small number of IWOC members to make it all happen.

Like other kinds of projects, the availability of many helpful hands results in minimizing the commitment required of the participating individuals. That kind of cooperation also assures continuity of services that contribute to our organization’s value.

So, this is an urgent plea to all members. Volunteer a small amount of your personal time to any of several needs, most of which require only common sense and a willingness to work with others. Whether it’s serving a term as a Director or being part of a team that’s fully responsible for IWOC’s programming or membership or website or communications—we need your assistance. The payback is the experience you’ll gain in collaborative participation as well as the satisfaction in keeping IWOC fully functional.

The first step awaits you right now. Just contact by email any of the following committee officers to express your interest and availability. You’re bound to receive an eager and grateful response.

- Richard Eastline

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  • 15 May 2018 11:18 AM | Alicia Dale
    Great post Richard! I'm all about living easy - not hard. Tasks can be broken down into small, manageable bites to make any assignment effortless for all. I'd suggest to any Professional Member to think about what they want to learn, promote or share and then consider "hmm how can IWOC help with that goal?" If there's a great contact you're just trying to get into perhaps suggesting they consider providing a Program? Want to get over your fear of Cold Calling? Grab a stack of 'If You Need a Writer" cards and pass them out when you can at networking events or even social events. As we all know, everyone "needs a writer" and they just might need you! Want to add Digital Communications to your portfolio? Help with the super easy-to-administer IWOC website that is hosted in Wild Apricot. There are no limits, and I'm sure whatever you do to strengthen the benefits of IWOC will boomerang right back to you. It has for me :-)
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    • 18 May 2018 12:36 PM | Laura Stigler (Administrator)
      Hooray, Alicia! I second everything you said. Any way any member (Associate and Student, too!) can help IWOC, which in the process, could even benefit their own career -- is hugely welcomed.
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