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How You Can Make > $7K/month. Seriously. President’s Post by Laura Stigler

09 Feb 2020 6:33 PM | Anonymous

Anyone remember Steve Martin’s advice on how to make a million dollars? “First, you get a million dollars.” That was the initial skeptical thought I had when a particular blog was brought to my attention, entitled “10 Rules for Making More Than $7K a Month as a Freelance Writer,” written by Shannon Ashley for the Better Marketing website. Really? Like Steve, is she joking? But then I started to read the rest. And I found myself enthusiastically nodding like a bobblehead, mentally applauding, and at moments, falling silently in awe at these simple, universal truths that we sometimes forget (or are too fearful) to put into practice. The advice given is just too good, too reality-based and too genuinely caring to not pass along to you.

So, for my February Stet Post (my first for 2020), why not start the year with a big, optimistic bang by offering those 10 helpful rules that can open up the possibilities of making this year – and all the years to come – your most prosperous ever.

And now, because I couldn’t have said it better myself, I’m handing over the dais to Ms. Ashley, who will engagingly go through each rule at:

If, for some reason, you can’t access the page, contact me and I’ll send you a PDF of the article. No joke.

- Laura Stigler

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