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IWOC: The “Write” Gift! President’s Post by Laura Stigler

02 Dec 2019 5:25 PM | Anonymous

We’ve all been recipients of what has been promised to be “the gift that keeps on giving.” Yah. Often that means once we receive it, we keep on giving it to someone else. The re-gift, as it were. But as the frenzied holiday season starts ramping up, and racking your brain for good gift ideas has you breaking out in hives, here’s a gift you may want to consider that would be a real “keeper”: IWOC! No, not for everyone, but if you know someone who is a professional writer, or has the goal of becoming one, or even is in a vocation that usually collaborates with writers (graphic artists, web designers, photographers, photojournalists, etc.), then IWOC may be the OMG-PERFECT gift for them! And if that someone is you? Even better! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

IWOC keeps on giving...

Job Ops. Professional Level members get to have their profiles (including all their services) posted on IWOC’s Online Directory – a promotional tool that never stops working for them, making them accessible to prospective clients around the world 24/7/365.

Learning Ops. With IWOC’s free (i.e., free for members) informative monthly programs and recorded podcasts thereof, there is no telling what helpful tricks of the trade one can learn that will benefit their career. Like diamonds, knowledge is forever.e.

Networking Ops. At IWOC, we all learn from each other. We love giving and getting advice. Our pre-program networking hour teems with people who’ve “been there, done that” and can provide the very writing- or career-oriented answers your gift recipient (or you!) may be looking for.

Fun Ops. When it comes down to it, writers just wanna have fun. And for IWOC-ers, there is much fun to be had, whether it’s socializing at the post-program dinners, yearly Summer and Holiday par-tays, or a Mixer with another symbiotic organization.

I could see you’re chomping at the bit. “Tell me, tell me! How can you give the Gift of IWOC?” you may ask. Come right this way... On that page, you’ll also find a link to the descriptions/benefits of the 3 membership levels, so you’ll know exactly what your gift entails.

Treat someone else. Treat yourself! But above all, on behalf of IWOC, have a truly wonderful and safe Holiday Season!.

- Laura Stigler

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