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ROI: One Big Reason to Renew or Join, President’s Post by Laura Stigler

05 Oct 2018 12:55 PM | Anonymous

Ah, October! Plump pumpkins. Turquoise skies. Green leaves metamorphosing into monarch butterflies. And oh, yes! While we’ve implemented a year-round rolling membership, it’s renewal time for the majority of IWOC’ers. So, if you’re still on the fence contemplating renewal – or joining in the first place, allow me to give you one of the strongest reasons to leap from that fence and into the fold of IWOC:

Return of Investment

A big part of getting freelance jobs is having a defined marketing strategy. And the IWOC Directory can be one of the most potent arrows in your quiver. For the relatively small price of a Professional Level membership, you’ll have staked your space on the web, your posted Profile working for you 24/7/365 for all the world to see. Plus, because IWOC comes up on the first page of a Google search, you’re more likely to be found. No way – not on Google or Facebook – anywhere! could you get kind of exposure so affordably. Land one job out of it, and you’ve more than made up your dues. Talk about ROI!

Granted, there are no guarantees. Getting jobs also has much to do with areas of expertise. When it comes to outsourcing writing, some specialties are simply more in demand than others. But what can also make a difference is how your profile is presented.

A few tips for creating a “Profile of Success”:

You oughta be in pictures

Your friendly face always makes a better impression than one of those shadowy silhouettes. Unless you’re in a witness protection program, best to post a real photo of yourself that telegraphs you’re approachable, professional. And ready to work.

Your U.S.P.

In other words, your “Unique Selling Points.” If you’ve noticed, in your profile you have the perfect opportunity to really sell yourself. So, focus. Focus on what you have to offer that is unique to you. Elaborate a bit on your fields of expertise or experience. Don’t be afraid to put a little passion in your description. Show your personality. If you were the employer, does your profile sound like someone you’d like to hire – and work with?

Project positivity

Nothing is more of a turn-off than an air of negativity. Employers have their own challenges to deal with. If you project a positive aura, that you’re a problem solver, that there’s no such thing as “no” – who wouldn’t want to hire you!

Yes. All of that. In one Profile that can be out there year-round, night and day, working for you like your own private ambassador. And for just the measly price of a Professional Membership.

So, jump off that fence and renew – or join IWOC for the first time. May it lead to many happy Returns of Investment.

- Laura Stigler

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