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IWOC WANTS (NEEDS) YOU! -President’s Post, by Laura Stigler

09 Aug 2018 10:20 AM | Anonymous

Believe it or not, IWOC is not secretly run by a chipper group of gerbils perpetually scurrying on a treadmill. It actually takes people to keep this beloved organization going – people! Wait! Wait! – please don’t turn away. It’s not hard work, really. But the more people who volunteer – even by doing just a little bit, the easier it is for everyone. And the more beneficial to IWOC (and you) at large. So I’ve three quick ways members can get involved that won’t require a lot of time, yet can reap maximum rewards. :

1) NominateWho would you like to see on the Board of Directors? Whose ideas, creativity, energy, street smarts and just all-around get-along personality do you believe would serve IWOC well? If you know someone, do tell. And if that name happens to be yours, that would be the best of all!

2) Why run? It’s fun! And that’s not just fake news. Serving on the Board is not the time-consuming drudgery one fears. It is fun. The time commitment is nominal. Plus, you’ve got the bully pulpit for presenting your ideas, bringing them to fruition, and creating the IWOC “of your dreams” – which could help your own career as well as those of your fellow IWOC’ers. (Caveat: you have to be a member for one year to serve.)


3) Commit to a Committee. Maybe this would be more up your alley. Choose a Committee that jibes with your interests, skills or desires. There’s one for Membership, Programming, Public Relations, Social Media, Stet Blog, the Website...or form a new Committee altogether. It’s pretty amazing how by simply getting involved this way can boost your confidence, your enjoyment level – and your cachet on your résumé.

We all have a stake in this organization. There is a reason you joined IWOC (or may want to), whether it’s to get more work, learn more about the business and craft of writing, networking ops, or just getting out of your writer’s lair to meet new like-minded friends. But keeping IWOC beneficial, relevant, and vibrant doesn’t happen by magic. (Or gerbils.) It needs members getting involved.

So if you’re interested in any of the above, please contact one of our Nominating Committee members: Alicia Dale, Jeff Steele or yours truly.

Not a member? Become one! And start taking advantage of all the benefits that members enjoy.

- Laura Stigler

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