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IWOC Meeting Recap (April 2018), by Julienne Grant

01 May 2018 5:17 PM | Anonymous

IWOC members and IWOC friends alike convened on April 10, 2018, for the organization’s monthly meeting. This gathering served as a forum for one of IWOC’s semiannual roundtable events that focus on freelancing issues. At this event, Tom Lanning, Karen Schwartz and Julie Polanco served as group moderators.

Tom’s roundtable addressed three issues: 1) invoicing and billing; 2) author-client agreements; and 3) marketing. Participants agreed that securing payment for rendered services can sometimes be problematic. To avoid conflicts, there should be something in writing (e.g., a contract or a letter of agreement) that clearly defines the scope of work and the cost. The writing should also specify deadlines for a project’s various stages and how any overages in work time will be handled. A sample letter of agreement is available to IWOC members on the organization’s website. Seasoned freelancers in this group suggested that, when negotiating and drafting an agreement, authors should inquire about a client’s budget for a proposed project. Freelancers should also consider research and conferencing time when estimating a project’s cost. 

Tom’s group also discussed how freelancers can best market their services. Group members agreed that freelancers should have a portfolio and/or a website. Several members recommended, a platform where authors can create their own websites. Other attendees recommended establishing profiles on LinkedIn, as many recruiters use it. 

Across the room, Julie and Karen's group also addressed three issues: 1) finding work (specifically, how did you get your last job?); 2) author-client agreements; and 3) publishing/marketing books. Group members had found their most recent jobs through various means, including “cold calling” previous clients, using LinkedIn ProFinder, and through an IWOC “people connection.” This group’s discussion on author-client agreements emphasized the need for freelancers to always secure a deposit before beginning work.

In terms of publishing books, several attendees mentioned Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), although KDP has several disadvantages. Another participant suggested using a MOBI file as a publishing tool. As far as book marketing, one member highlighted the importance of obtaining an ISBN. Another group member recommended promoting books in public libraries and local bookstores (Barbara’s, Women & Children First, and The Book Table were specifically mentioned).

All of the participants in the roundtable discussions agreed that the event was extremely useful, and that they particularly enjoyed the face-to-face networking interaction.

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- Julienne Grant

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