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Monthly Meeting | How Public Speaking Skills Can Grow Your Writing Business

  • 08 Jun 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom


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    Spaces are limited, so first come, first serve.

We writers write, right? So why on earth would we need to learn about the virtues of public speaking? Shouldn't the eloquence of our written words be enough to sell our writerly wares?

Not necessarily!

Precisely why IWOC has invited Clinton Young to be our June Guest Speaker. An "Award-winning International Keynote Speaker and Globally Recognized Speaker Trainer," San Diego-based Clinton will be Zooming in to provide a holistic view of public speaking while tailoring his talk specifically to writers. He'll be covering...

  • What is a "World Class Speaker" and why it is vital that all writers become world class speakers in order to increase their income, impact and influence;
  • What's possible as a writer when you do commit to becoming a world class speaker;
  • What writers can do right now to become a world class speaker to grow their business 

Maybe you've a big presentation coming up. Or are pitching a prospective client and want to make a sterling impression. Perhaps you're creating a video for your website. Or you'd like to give a talk at a local book store to ignite interest in your book. And let's face it: Any of us can find ourselves in one of those impromptu moments where we're called upon to speak publicly. At a wedding. In a classroom. In a Zoom meeting! How can we do so without it striking terror in our hearts, and instead, strike meaningful chords within our audience? 

Writers by nature have an advantage. Come to the meeting to discover how to apply your way with words to the art of public speaking. You'll be surprised at how it can boost your business -- and who knows -- open the path to a rewarding supplementary career.

Q&A to follow, where you'll have ample opportunity to...speak!


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