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IWOCFest Update

  • 11 Aug 2020
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • TBA

In our quest to Fest, searching for a restaurant that would accommodate an estimated 20 - 25 IWOC-ers was turning into quite a challenge. Most of those we contacted would not reserve for anyone, let along groups of over 6. The few that did take reservations presented too many COVID rules and regulations hoops to jump through. Not to mention the liability aspect -- on the part of both the restaurant and IWOC.

Taking all that into consideration, the event was not looking to be as fun and freewheeling as we've been used to. So as much as many of us were craving it, it looks like IWOCFest 2020 is not to be.

But let that not disappoint you. We are still intent on continuing to fulfill our mission of bringing you programs and providing you with resources to help you succeed in your freelancing business. This may even be a good time to refamiliarize yourself with all that IWOC does have available to you, namely, at the Member Resources page, where you’ll find dozens of audio podcasts of meetings you may have missed -- including the recent July Zoom Webinar, “Stay Current on Ever-Changing LinkedIn” – a program that broke all IWOC records in registration and attendance! It’s must-see virtuality! 

More positive news: Thanks to our new affiliation with Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC), we'll soon be sending out invites to their next Zoom Webinar, offered free to all IWOC-ers. Stay tuned.

So grab a tall cold one, bring your laptop to the rooftop, park or patio – and enjoy!

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