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IWOC Free Webinar | 7 Simple Secrets to a Happier, Healthier Life: The Bushido Code

  • 09 Jun 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom Webinar


Let’s take a breather for an hour – away from the headlines, the deadlines -- away from the everyday pressures, and be reminded of the common sense ways we can make our lives better for ourselves – and those around us.

In this untypical (but so very needed!) IWOC meeting, Entrepreneur / Martial Arts Instructor / Award-Winning Inventor / International Speaker John Godoy will engagingly take you through the 7 inspirational principles of The Bushido Code -- the ancient Samurai philosophy guaranteed to energize and invigorate your personal and professional life. Just what the doctor ordered as we navigate these changing times and emerge into creating a brighter future.

Informed by his dual Japanese and American heritage, we will also be treated to John’s fascinating personal story as he engagingly tells how his intertwining of Eastern and Western thought has lead him to develop this unique presentation – one that has guided him on his own journey as an athletic coach, personal trainer, martial artist, endurance athlete and co-founder of a successful crowdfunded start-up.

From this presentation, you will receive valuable insights and strategies that will help you:

• Keep physically strong and healthy

• Stay motivated and focused given the uncertainty of the future

• Keep the mind resilient and clear To many of John’s points, you will find yourself nodding enthusiastically in agreement, or struck with a realization that rings true to your own life.

No, this presentation is not about writing or the business of writing per se, but the wisdom and truth covered could be applied to anyone, in any field (especially creative ones), in any situation, especially the one we’re in now. You will come away uplifted, ready to turn what you’ve learned into action.

FREE Webinar: With space being limited, Zoom registration links will first be emailed to IWOC members. On Friday, June 5, links will be sent to all our non-member subscribers should spaces become available.

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