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Ben Durham


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A freelance writer with a Masters degree in education, an undergraduate degree in physics, and fourteen years of teaching experience. My writing portfolio includes blog posts, grants, short fiction, and educational articles.
Teachers are trained to communicate new and often complex information in a way that can be understood by laypeople. My background in education is what gives me the edge over other freelance writers. You need a writer, and as a former physics teacher, I am your best choice.

Here are just a few types of writing services I offer:

GRANTS: I have earned over $100K in awards over the past seven years. Grantors want to give away their money, and I know how to make sure they understand that you are the one who deserves it the most. I work closely with you to find out how you best fit the criteria for the grant, and then I present that information back to the grantor in their language. It's a technique that never fails.

TRAINING MANUALS: What is a science teacher if not an expert in writing training materials. My background has given me an eye for how to present complex operations in step-by-step instructions. I'm an incredible asset to your HR team.

TECHNICAL WRITING: I have literally written instructions on how to build robots. Your customers will get clear, easy to understand directions that anticipate all points of failure, and assist with troubleshooting.

BLOGGING: Your blog needs a folksy, readable style that is informative, but not mentally taxing. Please take a look at some of my samples at,, or my personal portfolio

SEO: Get your website to the top of search results. I'm an expert at backlinking, keyword utilization, and titles that will get your site hits. I research the top search results and make sure your website pushes them down a spot. You deserve to be on top, and I'll get you there.

Writers often tout their facility with Word, their exemplary grammar skills, or their expertise in their niche. Shuffle their resumes to the bottom of the pile. You should expect these skills of any writer. The best writers will be able to convince you how they can effectively get your message across to your clients. I taught physics and robotics to high school students in an urban setting for 15 years, and I have glowing ratings to show for it. If I can teach physics to teenagers, I can explain almost anything to anyone. You'll agree that this skill is highly desirable and will be most useful in reaching your goals.

I am a proud member of the Chicago Writers Association, and I am an Auxiliary Board Member with the Independent Writers of Chicago.

Shoot me a DM for a quote and to see if we work well together! I am always excited to meet new people and make your dreams possible!
Master's of Science (education); National-Louis University.
Bachelor's of Science (physics); University of Wisconsin - Madison
5-10 years
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